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Will Robots Replace Blue Collar Jobs?


It’s the new-age debate, and often a more controversial topic than politics at dinnertime. We wake

up to hundreds of new technology masterpieces every day. We’re spoilt with new marvels, another

new marvellous magic for making our day-to- day living more efficient and enjoyable.

Robots vs jobs is especially controversial when brought up alongside blue collar jobs, as these roles

generally require process, systems, and instructions – procedures that computers know nothing but.

So we’re raising the question of will handy robots eventually replace trades? Will they be the simple

replacements for the weeks, years, dollars invested in learning a trade.

The simple answer, no!

Despite all the scaremongering around this topic it knuckles down to one simple fact – selling,

advertising, creating, building for people involves just that – people! People are the customer, and

therefore a business needs people behind it.

Machinery and technology are remarkable, we’re not disputing that. However, as artificial

Intelligence moves into what are being called 'algorithmic' jobs, we need to remember that it lacks

emotional intelligence.

All lines of work involve people as the end customer or consumer, and who better to do work for

people than their own kind. Decisions provoke and depend on emotions, and a company’s success is

reflected in its people.

As experts in trade industries we want to hear what you think?

By Heather Doherty

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