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What Are The Skills to Success

Skills that Pay the Bills

You have a trade and are at the top of your game; you’re a technological whizkid and would be able to run numbers around Einstein; or you’re an electrician who can solve the rubix cubes of rewiring issue. You’ve got the solid, practical skills, but in the last hurdle to getting the job you need to ask yourself - do I have the soft skills?

It turns out that soft skills are just as important as practical skills, so put down your tools and review your soft skills.   

 ‘Soft skills’ are the personality traits that help you work effectively with other people. They are the simple attributes that draw us towards people that we get along with on a personal level, and these don’t go unnoticed in the professional world. Simply put, soft skills are hard-wired to achieve employment.

Soft skills might sound fluffy, but they are by no means redundant. Teamwork, punctuality, determination, a strong work ethic, curiosity, positivity, being organised; all of the above and so many more are crucial for prospective employers. This is why it’s important that in any interview or networking occasion these skills don’t go unseen.

According to the Department of Employment, many jobseekers today lack soft skills such as face-to-face communication and motivation.1 The Department have since urged jobseekers to stop relying on technology and social media and “learn how to talk and write to get work”.

Given the right training and experience, anyone can acquire the hard skills necessary for a job position. Soft skills however cannot be underestimated. They are your unique selling points and put you ahead of the competition, both in the workplace and outside of it.

Experts at Working for Dole (part of The Department of Education) warn that lack of communication, teamwork, reliability and self-presentation are holding back many Australian jobseekers from getting a job.

So don’t jeopardise your chances of getting hired. Let your soft skills shine, on paper, on your video resume, in interviews and of course, in the workplace.



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By Heather Doherty

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