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Top Tips to Hold onto Your Dream Team

Crafting your A-team is no walk in the park, and neither is keeping these people in your company. It’s a sad fact of life that employees move on, move out, move up the ladder or take a side-step out of a company.

If this happens it means swopping your hard hat with your hiring hat. Of course you have EmployMe to deal with that issue, however, what if you could hold onto your employees for longer and keep your team as solid as 30-year old cement.

Let’s not forget that a high turnover can be damaging to the reputation of your company. In such an open and transparent world, every company is a glass house. Board reports, staff surveys, and online employee forums are now accessible at the click of a finger or are just one swipe away.

But there are several ways you can hold onto your star staff, that’s why we’ve pulled together our top tips to ensure that your employees stick to your company like heavy-duty superglue.

Communication is the sister of leadership

John Adair wasn’t having a moment of insanity when he spoke these fine words. In fact, communication is key in any relationship, and especially in work relationships. Having an honest and open environment to be able to communicate freely in the workplace is crucial for your employees. This way they can feel comfortable in raising issues, worries and personal struggles.

As a manager you are responsible for being a pillar of support for employees which is why it is important to set a standard of openness and open-mindedness within the company.

Regular face-to-face dialogue can help to eliminate employee’s fear of approaching their manager about an issue or concern. Similarly, implementing a strategic internal support system can improve better communication within a company, and ultimately help to retain staff. Many companies administer a mentor system, or set compulsory one-to-one meetings between managers and individuals to ensure a flow of steady, simple communication.   

Secure your staff with the promise of job security

This might sound obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of companies that define a worryingly short notice period in a work contract. Where this might benefit employees on casual contracts, it can mean that those in permanent positions feel insecure about their long-term role within a company and are therefore unhappy.

Equally an unattractive redundancy package in the case of internal structure or during a period of redundancy may make employees feel like they should always be keeping an ear and eye out for other, potentially better, opportunities. Don’t let poachers have one up one you, keep your staff feeling safe by stating better job security benefits.   

Sweeten the deal with social shindigs

Keep your staff salivating for more with a social calendar, encouraging everyone to get involved in activities as diverse as bubble soccer to karaoke evenings. Companies that sport a good culture tend to hold onto their finest members of staff the longest, so hold onto your team members by keeping team morale up!

Keep the progression ladder in sight

Gone is the era where people stay in the same career for 30 years. Rather, the working world of today is one where people chop and change careers, and negotiate their position within a company. To put long-term stay on the horizon, career progression must be visible too. 

Make it clear from the first interview that career progression is on the cards, and that training and career development are not just a myth and follow through with promises. Implement personal development plans per individual, that way both employees and their managers can keep a track record of personal progression, and highlights areas that need extra support and areas of interest that can be achieved through tailored training.

It is crucial that each and every employee feels that they play a value within the company and are not replaceable. Show your employees a hand in making decisions about their role, regularly highlight the importance of them and their role within the company and give them access to proper leadership. That way you can keep the hard hat on!


by Heather Doherty

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