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Today’s Top Jobs


Today’s Top Jobs

The votes are in, and the ballots don’t lie; jobs in the services sector are hot off the press. New findings from

Commonwealth Bank economists 1 have noticed that in the past year two thirds of jobs growth has come from the

services sector. The services sector covers a multiculture of different types of jobs; however tourism, education,

and health care seem to be the key players.

What does this mean for you?

Well, a growth in the sector naturally means expansion in this sector, which means more job opportunities. So

take advantage of the science and if it’s a sector that’s thriving with jobs that you’re looking for, then we’ve got

you covered. In fact, jobs in the services sector have ballooned from slightly over 50% in the 1960s, to around

80% today.

What is the secret behind the services sector surge?

The standstill to the mining boom has been tempted as one explanation. Another, more likely, is deeper wallets,

and greater expenditure. The new research shows that people appear to be growing wealthier, therefore have

greater income to spend on services, and given that many services are not considered as luxuries but necessities

they are more in demand. More customers, more opportunities in services, more employees needed.

Further support of a skyrocketing in the services sector comes from research by The Reserve Bank, which found

that over the last 30 years household spending on services has risen to 65% from 53%. Services in health and

education appear to be the leaders in the generous 8% jump in spending.

Either way, the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is sprinkled with services. So if you’re applying for a job

and pondering over industry leaders – the services sector is at the top of its game right now. Smart move!

By Heather Doherty


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