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The Secret to finding a Job Ssshhh!



The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. So what has this got to do with finding a job? So many job seekers feel disempowered by the job search process believe me we know, all the power seems to be in the hands of the employer. But! Put yourself in the employer’s shoes for a minute!

  • Imagine getting 100’s of resumes emailed to you just to fill one position.
  • Imagine trying to find the time to even read resume’s while running your business.
  • Then the phone calls to job seekers to set up interviews.
  • Making the time to actually interview people.

We know for a fact that employers know within the first two minutes of an interview if that person is suitable, then they spend another ten minutes being polite so they can get on to the next interview! Yes we have all been there! That’s just a snapshot from the employer’s side, so where do you come in? How can you empower yourself and be seen by lots of employers, how can you take control and let employers come to you? Well that is where we can help! When you look at the employers experience above I think you will agree it is not easy and very time consuming work. So how can you make their life easier and impress at the same time?

The answer is pretty simple really, a 1-2 min video!

Take control make a video and showcase yourself to employers, this is the interview!! Just be yourself, show your personality, Talk about your strengths and why an employer should employ you, empower yourself!

Two Employer testimonials

"I have employed four people using EmployMe in the last year; it saves me so much time, I love seeing the effort some job seekers go to, I love the videos and the last person we just employed over the phone after seeing her video, thanks EmployMe."

Steve Marks, SME’s R Us

"Thanks EmployMe it just makes sense. I was so fed up with the employment process and took me 3 months to find someone using the old traditional method. Now I get an email when a job seeker matches my search with a photo and or a video it’s so easy to use, will never go back to the old ways keep it up."

John Green, Plastic Surgery

Now let’s have a look at some current job seeker videos as an example to inspire you. Click here.

You can create your video simply using your smartphone via your job seeker dashboard, take two or three videos and choose the best to upload, grab your smartphone and give it a go, that ten mins of effort could change your life!

Go For It!

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