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The Secret Ingredient to Successful Hiring

“To win in your marketplace, you must first win in the workplace” - fine words from Doug Conant, former CEO and President of the Campbell Soup Company. For hiring employers, Doug’s soups are just as nutritious as his encouraging words.

Winning in the workplace means having a winning team, which is why hiring - and keeping - the right, talented people is vital. Top talent doesn’t stop at skills and experience, or the right person for the job; it stops at the right person for the team. The most employable of employees are limited if you can’t picture them as part of the wider team.

Which is why hiring the culture fit, and not just the candidate with all the credentials, is a more valuable contribution to the bigger picture. In fact, culture is quickly becoming one of the most crucial factors in driving a company’s success, which makes it the secret (not so secret) ingredient to the masterpiece recipe that is your team.

Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends survey revealed that culture was one of the top talent challenges facing business leaders, alongside engagement and employee retention. What’s more, over half of business leaders across the world rank culture as an “urgent issue”, and this is considerably higher than last year where this was only around 20%.

So upon interviewing, ask yourself ‘Will this person align with the rest of the team’, ‘Do they have similar interests to the rest of the team’, ‘Are they too extrovert or introvert for the team’. These may seem like tedious questions but in the grand scheme of the workplace they are just as crucial as whether an employee has the right experience.

These questions are not just important for you as an employer, but for any potential new starter too. For a new hiree to feel comfortable in their role within the company, they have to feel like they are part of the company. They have to feel like the equal shaped puzzle piece that completes the jigsaw.   

Hiring the person with the right skills, qualifications and experience, seems like the obvious choice, but the reality is that it is outdated and limited. If a new member of the team doesn’t align with the culture of the company, then they might jump ship before you’ve even had your first team lunch.     

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, said legendary Consultant and ‘Founder of Modern Management’ Peter Drucker. And we think he hit the culture nail on the head. There are no two ways about it - culture is crucial, so make sure you hire the culture fit.


By Heather Doherty

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