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Hiring can be challenging but equally challenging is having staff that will provide their finest work.

Sigmund Freud believed that most human behaviour is the result of desire and impulses.
Research suggests that people are basically guided by four emotional needs.
The Drive to Defend, The Drive to Understand, The Drive to Acquire and the Drive to Bond.
It is important that managers attend to all of these needs if they want to obtain the best possible staff work outcomes.

The Drive to Understand
People want to understand what is going on in their world and this is no different at work. Making sense of work direction is important to workers hence good managers should share directional dreams.  Understanding your company direction will helps workers comprehend why jobs and tasks are essential and often sharing direction prevents frustrations. By sharing your company direction you will make workers feel that they are all in the company and contributing to the company’s success and this can generate a better level of job satisfaction.

The Drive to Defend
No one likes to be threatened and undermined so it is probably understandable that one of your employees’ strongest desires is to ‘defend their patch’. Defending their work helps employees feel secure and provides them with a level of confidence.
Times of mergers and change can be quite a negative time for your employee and unfortunately this can create fear and resentment with workers. Change can devastate people hence it is quite understandable that staff are often resistant to change.

The Drive to Acquire
Acquiring in life makes us feel good and content. I think we have all felt good knowing we are have just organised an overseas holiday, purchased some wanted goods or even a new house. We enjoy being able to share news of our acquisitions with friends and family.
The converse applies when we cannot afford and obtain desired wants.
From a work perspective we obtain a real boost when we secure a job promotion and of course we are concerned about our salary package and often equally important we are concerned about what our fellow workers are obtaining.

The Drive to Bond
Many of us will understand the bond within a sports club, the bond of mateship. Such bonds really create positive emotions hence when employees bond there is an enormous boost to staff motivation. Bonded staff work better together and there is a high sense of satisfaction.
Conversely this can explain why staff find it difficult when asked to take on a different position within the company.

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