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How To Catch Rare Pokémon with Video Resumes

There’s a serious case of Pokémon fever going around. Who would have thought that the 90’s fiction game would become a reality, and cause grown adults to aimlessly wander streets to bump into fictional, invisible critters.

While most of the population are obsessing over upping their fantasy Pokémon collection, employers are focused on catching the best, brightest and skilled new team members to add to their collection of colleagues. A great candidate for a job role and for your business is like a rare Pokémon, and the good news is that they’re out there!

But how can you catch them (and catch ‘em all?)? Two words – video resume! If you want a fighting chance of stumbling across the right ones, then follow our three tips for finding the rare Pokémon for your team:

  1. Pick your Pokéstops wisely

Get a head start in hiring by starting off in the right place. Pokéstops come in all shapes and sizes – recruitment agencies, online adverts, call-ins from a poster ad in local shop windows; but these approaches are ineffective and outdated. Employers should pick Pokéstops that appeal to the most bright and brilliant people for your business. And it doesn’t get much more modern than going paperless, bypassing outdated written resumes and checking out video resumes.

  1. Upsell your Pokémon-attracting-incense

Point out the perks of the job role to attract the best talent and reel in the rare ones. Think of the perks of your business - free health cover, gym membership, bonuses, free travel – as the scent that appeals to the best of the best. Once the ideal candidates get a whiff they’ll be like bees to honey.

  1. Capture competency

Competency is fundamental for finding the right fit for the bill. Once you’ve shortlisted a string of strong candidates, you can suss out the most competent for the job via video resumes. These live pieces of human interaction are a succinct way of pinpointing whether a person is competent to fulfil the role. Video resumes are a simple, savvy way of sussing out whether a person has the necessary skills, experience and education to successfully complete the tasks you need performed.

EmployMe allows you access to thousands of video resumes, so go forth, catch wild employees, train and evolve them. Now, put your feet up and press play!


By Heather Doherty

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