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How Successful are Video Resumes?

The modern world has brought with it an abundance of technological progressions which make our lives more exciting, simple and smart. How we book a holiday, choose car insurance, shop, date (you get the point!) is easier, faster, simpler and more tech-savvy than the day before. Advances in technology filter have filtered into almost everything we do, so it was only time before this hit the way we hire and job-hunt.

Career information website Vault Inc. discovered that 89% of employers claimed they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them. Good news then? Well, not so much as the vast majority of employers are still receiving mundane paper resumes. These come with an obligatory “BORING, ORDINARY, AVERAGE” stamp on the front.

This doesn’t have to apply to you! You can be different; you can be the hammer in the bag of nails, the white rose in the bunch of red, the purple M&M in the bunch of blue ones. It starts with a simple transformation of your resume, from ancient paper form to a new and improved modernised video. New year, new video resume!

Submitting a video resume communicates that you are adaptable to new changes and modernisations in technology. These gems in job-hunting also show your ability to present your skills and broadcast your unique personality. In fact, 52% of employers said the main reason they value video resumes is because they enable them to assess a candidate's professional presentation and demeanor (Vault Inc.’s annual employer survey).

So, out with the old (resume) in with the new. EmployMe is your smartest answer to career stardom, and all it takes is turning on your camera.

Lights, camera, action, career happiness!


By Heather Doherty

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