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Happy Workers - Good Company Profits

Study after study has concluded that there is a direct correlation between the work environment and the profitability of a company – Makes you think that more companies should be thinking about how they can improve the working environment.

I love my wife and she loves me so we have a great rewarding relationship.
So what is it that kindles a worker employee relationship and causes a good work relationship and in turn good profits?

The trick for good work relationships is all about putting People First. Employee engagement is absolutely critical if you are to achieve a company’s potential. Without doubt employees will perform better if they feel there is equity and fairness at work and conversely employee engagement can be weakened by unfairness.

Companies that want to maximise economic performance must first win the battle for employees’ hearts and should implement a number of personnel practices that will assist this end.

Employment security goes to the top of the list of what employees are looking for.
Additionally workers are looking at selective hiring of new personnel, being rewarded for good company performance, decentralised decision making, a strong focus on training, removal of the old hierarchical titles status and barriers, and sharing of information about the company’s trading results.
Implement these needs and you will have more satisfied staff and a more profitable company.

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