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Blue Collar Jobs That Bring You The Green

Having a career is about more than just the dollar, we couldn’t agree more. But the green stuff is rather crucial, which is why we checked in with the latest Bureau of Labour Statistics1 to find out which blue collar jobs give your bank account a healthy green boost.

When we think ‘blue collar’ we think of the bods in society who aren’t afraid to get their hands physically dirty; Technicians, Trades Workers, Machinery Operators, Drivers, and Labourers of the like. The American Heritage Dictionary2 paints blue collar professionals as “Of or relating to wage earners, especially as a class, whose jobs are performed in work clothes and often involve manual labour.”

Regardless of what you wear in your hypothetical 9-5, we wanted to don the spotlight on which of these physically demanding roles pays the heavy pennies.

So if you’re thinking of becoming skilled in a blue collar profession but can’t see past the dollar signs in your eyes, then feast your peepers on this trio of high paying blue collar careers:

  1. Nuclear power reactor operators - it’s complicated work but pumps a lot of power into your bank account
  2. Elevator installers and repairers – get used to your finances going up as well as the machines you’re working with.
  3. Transportation Inspector – after all, people have to get from A to B safely, and that safety comes at a pretty penny.

There’s plenty more where that came from. But we’ll be back to update you next week with round two of the latest information about blue collar professions, professionals and pro tips in between.  


By Heather Doherty





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