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How Successful are Video Resumes?

The modern world has brought with it an abundance of technological progressions which make our lives more exciting, simple and smart. How we book a holiday, choose car insurance, shop, date (you get the point!) is easier, faster, simpler and more tech-savvy than the day before. Advances in technology filter have filtered into almost everything we do, so it was only time before this hit the way we hire and job-hunt. Career information website Vault Inc. discovered that 89% of employers claimed they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them. Good news then? Well, not so much as the vast majority of employers are still receiving mundane paper resumes. These come with an obligatory “BORING, ORDINARY, AVERAGE” stamp on ... [More]

Top Tips to Hold onto Your Dream Team

Crafting your A-team is no walk in the park, and neither is keeping these people in your company. It’s a sad fact of life that employees move on, move out, move up the ladder or take a side-step out of a company. If this happens it means swopping your hard hat with your hiring hat. Of course you have EmployMe to deal with that issue, however, what if you could hold onto your employees for longer and keep your team as solid as 30-year old cement. Let’s not forget that a high turnover can be damaging to the reputation of your company. In such an open and transparent world, every company is a glass house. Board reports, staff surveys, and online employee forums are now accessible at the click of a finger or are just one swipe away.... [More]

Common Mistakes to Avoid when making a Video Resume

Every day we wake up to a more technologically advanced world than the one we left the night before, and the job-seeking game isn’t exempt from this. We need to get with the times and trade in that old, dusty, bland paper resume and replace it with a state-of-the-art, sexy, tech-savvy video resume that will set you apart from the fierce competition out there.     Now, before you press play - or get Siri to do it for you - we want to share a few top tips on what NOT to do when creating your video resume. There are only so many chin shots, tacky ‘special’ effects and distracting background objects that employers can take. Polaroid to Panasonic – Does it matter? The answer is no! A video resume is about y... [More]

How to Bring up Salary in a Job Interview

This week we welcomed the new $5 note into Australia, so it seemed appropriate that we shared our best interview tips for addressing the question of salary. It’s the big dollar-sign smothered elephant in the interview room. You want to know how successful your bank account will be if you’re successful at getting the job, right? But you’re equally worried about sounding unprofessional or disrespectful by bringing up the contentious question? News alert, it isn’t unprofessional, disrespectful or in the least bit contentious! In fact, your potential new boss will likely admire your boldness for speaking your mind and proactively addressing the issue at hand. Countless people accept a job without addressing salary. Simil... [More]

The Secret Ingredient to Successful Hiring

“To win in your marketplace, you must first win in the workplace” - fine words from Doug Conant, former CEO and President of the Campbell Soup Company. For hiring employers, Doug’s soups are just as nutritious as his encouraging words. Winning in the workplace means having a winning team, which is why hiring - and keeping - the right, talented people is vital. Top talent doesn’t stop at skills and experience, or the right person for the job; it stops at the right person for the team. The most employable of employees are limited if you can’t picture them as part of the wider team. Which is why hiring the culture fit, and not just the candidate with all the credentials, is a more valuable contribution to the bigg... [More]